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Walnut Cove's advocation for mailboxes has been an ongoing ordeal. Please see the latest information, updates, & how you can help your community reach the point of installation.

Click here to verify an existing address that MCECD has on record.

For more information about addressing, or for address confirmation/verification, please contact the GIS staff at (936) 523-5911 or

If you would like to use a recently assigned address for mailing, please contact the local Willis post office to have your address added to the USPS records.

Regarding Google Maps, Montgomery Co. Emergency Communication District office does not supply information to Google Maps or any other 3rd party mapping application. Often, an address entered into Google is an estimate and may not be accurate. If you would like to correct the location of your address on Google, you may submit feedback.

Click here for instructions on how to submit feedback to Google Maps.

For additional information about location corrections in 3rd party software, please visit - How to Report a Mapping Problem Affecting GPS Devices, Apps, and Maps.

Montgomery County Emergency Communication District is the addressing authority for Montgomery County, TX (as granted by Commissioners’ Court).

Current Update

Verification Phase:

Part 1 (back mailboxes)

Mailbox verification back complete.png



Mailbox History.png

How Can You Help?

What we need from you!

 Montgomery County Emergency Communication District has suggested residents complete the following steps to assist in the compiling of verified data. We highly encourage property owners to do this for numerous reasons. This is beneficial & non-negotiable for not only our mailbox project, but also for personal & legal records, and most importantly - the safety aspect. Being that all of Montgomery County's emergency services are backed and supported by the MCECD system, it is crucial first responders are clear on where they are reporting to perform immediate assistance.

  1. Verify the property address for each lot- this is extremely important!

    • Provide the property legal description as reference when you call or email MCECD to verify the correct physical address. ​

  2. Post verified address #'s on your dwelling, unobstructed from view.

  3. Make Montgomery Co. Emergency Communication District aware of any discrepancies & they will inform you on the correct address to use.

  4. Notify MCAD with any updates or changes they need to make to their data in reference to factual address.

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